Our Role

Our Wealth Management consulting process serves as our framework, but it is only the beginning. To ensure that your family’s most important financial issues are addressed as needed, we serve as your personal chief financial officer.

As your personal chief financial officer, we set the foundation of your financial house through the development of a wealth management plan. Once this is in place, we address additional components of your financial picture as needed. With your wealth management plan to guide us, we focus on four broad areas of your financial life:

  1. Wealth enhancement aims to produce the best possible investment returns consistent with your level of risk tolerance and to minimize the tax impact on those returns.
  2. Wealth transfer involves finding and utilizing the most tax-efficient ways to pass assets to succeeding generations, and to do so in a way that meets your wishes.
  3. Asset protection is aimed at protecting your wealth against potential creditors, litigants, children’s spouses, and potential ex-spouses.
  4. Charitable gifting helps fulfill your charitable goals. It is most effective when coordinated with the three services above.

In accordance with your stated priorities, we will raise these issues and make our recommendations to you during our Regular Progress Meetings. Over time, this allows us to implement a complete wealth management solution with you.